Typography in Advertising: 30 Original Fonts

For many, the advertising worlds gets in the way of ours and can be fairly annoying when the pages of magazines and newspapers are scattered in unwanted advertisements, or TV programs are interrupted to make room for pesky commercials. So to avoid losing your potential customers, the role of typography in print ads can be enough to transform your ad. Obviously, the details are important, but the aesthetic element of an advert plays a key role in capturing people’s interest before any details are considered by the reader. It’s a known fact that the human mind stores and memorizes eccentric images a lot more easily than complicated chunks of written information, and an original graphic is bound to turn heads.

In this generous extract from Speckyboy.com, you can take a few minutes to look through the vast selection of original and creative typographics designed to capture the human eye, and undoubtedly make you look twice.