Company Name: choosing a name for your business

So, we’ve finally decided to open a shop that’s all ours, great! But what should we call it..?

Naming, selecting a company name, is one of the most difficult moments we come across when we find ourselves embarking upon a new entrepreneurial adventure, be it a new website, shop or restaurant. Inventing and deciding upon a name, and perhaps even a slogan to make it even more memorable, is one of the most important steps in the process, and often, more difficult than one might think.

When inspiration is lacking, it’s often overly tempting to copy someone else. But infringing copyright and cloning existing names is never a good idea. Even as much as taking a single word or concept which is similar to something else can lead to disastrous endings.

So here are some fundamental techniques to consider when choosing the perfect name for a new company:

1) Don’t use lengthy words. In fact, it’s proven that the shorter the name, the more memorable it’s likely to be.

2)Be creative! Don’t just take the easy road and call your new shop ‘John Smith’s Shop’.

3) Take extra care when it comes to grammar and spelling. We’ve all been there, on holiday only to realize you’re at the ‘Steack House’, about to order ‘steack and cips’, (and not the ‘steak and chips’). Avoiding embarrassing errors like this is fundamental. Don’t try to be exotic in the name and get it wrong, you’ll only get caught out by the natives!

4) Take a look on the web. These days most companies have their own website, so if you’ve decided upon a name you like, then it’s worth checking if it already has a registered domain online. So if you like the name Rainbow Cafe, it’s worth having a look if already exists…

5) Staying on the subject of the world wide web for a moment, if our intention is to sell our products solely in the United Kingdom, for example, then it’s probably a good idea to register to the domain, so it’s more available in the UK. If, on the other hand, we want to expand and go international, we could use the extension .com or .eu.

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