How to Create Original Packaging

It’s hard to ignore something that is totally original and exciting to look at. Curiosity gets the better of us, and so it’s only logical that uniquely designed packaging is bound to turn heads. Creating original packaging is more than a fun factor, it’s an effective and powerful marketing technique which more companies are latching on to. Packaging is much more as just a “package”, it’s a dress, a suit, an outer layer to a product which presents itself in a specific way, just as one would at a fancy party.

Original Packaging Campaigns

Originality, or extravagance, is about more than simply creating a fancy package. Original packaging is all part of a campaign, meaning there is a strategy and broader context to the product.

You’ll have your own idea of what makes a successful product package, but whether you love or loathe the idea, they’ll be sure to catch your eye, for better or worse. Here you can take  a look at some creations which are certainly different, original and fresh. Take a look and let us know what you think!


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