How to create a successful slogan

Creare un payoff semplice e accattivante: ecco come si fa

On BestCreativity, it’s easy to find open contests for brand names and slogans every week. Finding a name for a new company to represent your brand’s identity is absolutely vital for all start-up businesses and for those who are in need of an entire company image make-over. It’s one thing settling on a company name, but it’s equally important to pay as much attention to the slogan. So when you find ‘Naming’ on the BestCreativity’s page, you can get a lot more than just a company name, so let’s take a look at how to choose the winning slogan.

Slogan vs Claim: what’s the difference?

Before deciding on a slogan, it’s important not to confuse a slogan with a claim. What’s the difference, I hear you ask. Well, a claim is used more specifically for a particular product and ‘claims’ the product has a beneficial purpose. Mouthwash usually comes with a claim that it ‘kills more bacteria than brushing does’ for example. Be careful, though, as many products are often called upon for false advertising – as the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is – so claiming your product is something it’s not probably won’t get you very far.

Unlike a claim, a slogan is a short phrase or expression associated directly to the logo and the company name, and plays a huge role in the brand’s marketing campaigns.

Successful slogan suggestions

Let’s take a look at some useful tips to finding a winning slogan; one that’s sure to stick in everyone’s mind.

Distinguish yourself – A strong slogan must give your brand a characteristic that none of your competitors have. It needs to be catchy, clever and charismatic, and it’s always a bonus if it refers to your USP.

Less is more – In marketing, the more simple slogans tend to be the most successful. Using fewer words (three to four on average) are enough to deliver the message. Take successful supermarket chains as an example; “Every Little Helps”, “Try Something New Today” or “Good with Food” are short but to the point. Paradoxically, a simple slogan isn’t as simple create.

Sincerity – Don’t make the mistake of overdoing it to the point of stating half-truths or blatant lies. Stay honest, simple and as sincere as possible.

Say it out loud – Once you’ve decided upon a few slogans it’s always a good idea to say it out loud two or three times, to see how efficiently it rolls off the tongue. Musicality and rhythm are major factors in what makes a successful slogan.

So it’s fair to say that creating a slogan isn’t easy. If you find yourself in a spot of bother over coming up with the right slogan, then put the pressure into the hands of our professional copywriters at BestCreativity.


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