Food Design: When Inspiration and Creativity come from Food

Food and design are two creative aspects many of us are interested in, whether we decide to experiment ourselves or just appreciate the work of others, and when the two are put together, the results really are spectacular.

An ever-growing trend among chefs and designers is to actually serve dishes “designed” or inspired by a particular aspect known to be the logo of a largely successful brand. Now a genuine, recognized art form, food design is as mind-capturing to look at as it, theoretically, is to taste, so here we have included some of the best forms of the art to potentially tickle your fancy.

Food design: what is it?

So at the thought of food design, one is quick to presume that the key would be to incorporate the two senses; sight and taste, into one art form. This should be a given, but it’s not uncommon that many professionals focus on one element more than the other, and the need for precise detail can even lead to certain components of the design being inedible or potentially harmful to the consumer. So here if the definition of food design that is given on one of the most authoritative sites on the subject


Designing in Food Design means offering food solutions effectively in an environment where the product is functional to the type of consumption environment and above all user demand at different times and situations of consumption. In one statement we can declare that Food Design is design conscious of contest, interfaces and functional tools, complementary to the act of feeding, which con often consist in the food itself.”


Be Inspired by Food Design

Contrary to what one may think, food design may not actually be what is it we were led to believe. But it’s not the functional implications we’re interested in, it’s the artistic awe and aesthetics that capture our attention. We think these original creations can be a great starting point to stimulate the inspiration of designers. So let us abandon the vision of these beautiful creations of food design created by the artist and photographer Ukrainian Daryn Kossar. It’s a shame we can only look, and not touch…


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