How to create a successful infographic: 5 Tips

The success following infographics in recent years is increasingly visible. The continuously growing popularity among infographics is partly down to the effectiveness of the medium in itself, which is able to communicate information concisely and intuitively, and partly due to the viral power of social media which easily allows images and illustrations to be shared instantly. For those who aren’t quite sure what an inforgraphic is, it’s a creative method in which information is represented in an aesthetically pleasing and easily digestible format, so otherwise complicated data and long pieces of information can be easily understood through the use of images and signs. Many moments of our daily life could be turned into an infographic. Think of road signs as an example; we use our intuition to translate the signs into the rules of the road as they are communicated to us during our journey.

Useful tips to follow to create a high-quality infographic

We’ve included a few simple rules to keep in mind if you decide to create an infographic to use for your marketing campaigns. Infographics can be particularly effective for those who work in the medical profession and wish to communicate important statistics to the public regarding their health, or those who simply need to explain the function of a product to the consumer. Whatever the field you are in, creating an info graphic can prove to be a positive tool:

  1.  Be original – Originality is undoubtedly the vital ingredient for a successful infographic. You can find ready-made templates available online, but if you’re a graphic designer, try to create your own so you can adapt the layout and information in the best possible way.
  2. Be simple – We are bombarded daily with information and images of all kinds; overload that makes us often lose the central focus. Try to be brief and essential in the graphical representation of the information you provide, and it will certainly have a higher chance of being read.
  3. Be bold and creative – To create an effective infographic, being creatively cryptic is not going to help this time. The information must be obvious, clear and to the point. Use your imagination to use obvious objects and graphics to speak with images.
  4. Less is more – Do you need an explanation? Reducing the essential information to bite-size pieces for easy consumption is essential, and the key to a successful infographic.
  5. Share It – Always remember that word of mouth is the most powerful way to spread information. Infographics are a perfect tool to be seen, especially on social networks.










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